Review Fracora Liftest Hot Cleansing Gel and Proteoglycan Serum

May 30, 2016
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Today I want to share my skincare which is my favorite especially for the serum that I have been using for almost 3 months and this is my 2nd bottle!

But first, let me review about Fracora Liftest Hot Cleansing Gel !

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This is a new product from their online shop. I bought this from the online shop in Instagram.

This one is not same like others cleansing gel. This is a hot cleansing gel, which means you can feel the warmth when you apply this!

Fracora Hot Cleansing Gel is made of extract placenta, proteoglycan, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and olive oil which is very good for our skin!

This cleansing gel works by giving warmth to the skin, opening the pores and lift away the dirt, and makes the skincare easily absorbs to the skin. 

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I super love their packaging! super simple yet elegant. The lids is also strong because it’s a rotating model, not a direct open-and-close, so the filling is safe.

When I first tried it, I didn’t read that this is a HOT cleansing gel. So, I was a bit surprised at first, and I was wondering why my face got warmer. lol. Turns out this is made to give warmth. The texture is like a gel, not a cream or cleansing oil. When applied to the face, the warmth is only a few seconds. After a while, the warmth faded away. Thing I like the most from it, that even though it’s a hot cleansing gel, it doesn’t hurt the eyes. I was afraid to hurt my eyes, but turns out it’s safe so I can clean the area around my eyes too!

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I did a test on whether this cleansing gel can clean makeups or not.

Here I swiped Tony moly lip tint, Triple wonder auto gel liner, eyeliner dolly wink.

Using this hot cleansing gel is different from other cleansing gel which needs to be used on wet face. This hot cleansing gel can be used on dry face! In the photo above, you can see that this hot cleansing gel can clean lip tint, gel liner and part of dolly wink eyeliner. But when you add water, you can see that this can clean light makeup too. This cleansing doesn’t make you dry too, instead it makes your face moisturized, and doesn’t leave a hurt feeling too. I really love this! I usually use this together with my face soap to make sure that my face is clean from my makeup and dirt. It feels really good to use this before a face soap, because it feels more moisturized. it’s expensive but it’s worth it ! will definitely repurchase~

Next is the review of my favorite serum!

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Fracora Proteoglycan serum. There’s a 15 ml and 30 ml. I suggest the 30 ml as it’s expensive anyway but totally worth it!! Especially for you with acne problem.

Fracora Proteoglycan serum is made of collagen. Collagen is a protein compound got from the salmon cartilage in the open sea. Collagen is much needed for young and firm skin. Collagen-fed skin will not easily get wrinkles or black spots!

You can imagine how good this serum is, knowing that it’s from salmon too. I also love to eat salmon since it’s so healthy. No wonder a collagen of salmon for our face? So I think it’s so worth it despite the expensive price.

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The serum packaging is glass, so be careful since it can break. You won’t want to break it after you buy it, right? hahaha.

Using it is also easy, just press it to get the serum. It’s hygienic to use it~ and you use it after washing your face and after using toner. Because the texture is so liquid, it’s a little hard to apply it to the face. Extra careful so you don’t waste it, even only by a little bit hahaha. *stingy mode on* This serum also absorbs quickly on my face,doesn’t feel like using anything. It’s not too moisturizing too, so you should still use face cream.

I myself really like to change my skincare. Usually it doesn’t last long, Maybe just one or two times of purchase, then I change to another product. hahaha. This serum is the 2nd bottle for me! I love it because it really helps my acne problem, drying it up, and even calm the breakout. So this is my go-to-serum because when I use this, 1-3 days later and the acne is gone. hehe. my acne scars or spots is hard to get rid off~ so, if I run out of this, I will definitely repurchase this! hihi.

Where to buy these products?

I bought them from instagram @fracora.indonesia

line @fracora.indonesia

thank you for reading~

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